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This is the PlantUML plugin documentation - if you’re looking for our Mermaid plugin documentation it’s here →

What is the Versatile PlantUML Plugin?

In a nutshell it is a way of using the PlantUML language to generate technical UML diagrams directly within the Atlassian Confluence or Jira Cloud products or on If none of those terms mean anything at all to you then the plugin is probably not for you!

What is PlantUML?

PlantUML is a pseudo-code way of generating diagrams quickly without worrying about pixel-positioning that traditional drag and drop diagram creation requires. It lets you take pseudo code like this:


1 2 3 4 @startuml Terry -> Jody : Hello() Terry <-- Jody : returns "hello yourself" @enduml

And auto-generate a diagram like this:

PlantUML handles a huge number of diagram types:

  • Sequence Diagrams

  • Usecase Diagrams

  • Class Diagrams

  • Activity Diagrams

  • ... and so much more - check out the PlantUML site for more details.

Further details: